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Protect Your Data

Learn How Easy it is to Protect Your Data

Your company has the latest in electronic building security. You contracted with a document disposal company to secure documents. You have Human Resources procedures to protect employee data; but does anyone know what happens to the old computers when the office was upgraded?

Companies may inadvertently leave their doors open and give unwelcome eyes the opportunity to view private, internal documents, tax records, financial or personnel and client data when they dispose of outdated computer equipment and more.

Don't let this happen to your company.

Identity theft and phishing are a growing problem prompting new laws and safe guards at State and Federal levels. If your company has been solicited for computer 'donations' or recycling, beware, verify the providers legitimacy.

Please see our Legislation, Policy & Government page.


Why use AOK Computer Recycling for your Secure Data Destruction?

AOK provides Secure Data Destruction. With over 20 years of experience in the field of data recovery, AOK has established a reputation as the Secure Data Destruction Professionals. Every hard drive undergoes a complete rewrite, magnetic, and/or a drill press de-manufacturing process modeled after the Department of Defense (DOD) procedures for hard drive destruction. When we destroy data, it is permanent.

AOK will pick up your equipment or accept equipment by appointment at a secure drop off site. We will also document your inventory for asset management upon request. Ask about our Certificate of Secure Data Destruction.

Call us and discover why Government Offices, Medical Centers, Research Facilities, Accounting Firms, and more are using AOK Computer Recycling right now at 214.616.6909.




Not all computer recycling
companies are created equal. We’ve had some firms haul our equipment straight to the dump. With AOK, your equipment is recycled appropriately. Guaranteed.

William Bowser Collins





Where I used to work companies always left their old PCs and monitors in the dumpster. It made me ill every time I saw that. Our company has always used AOK Recycling to remove outdated equipment. They are awesome!

Brandy Allen
Physicians Office