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AOK Computer Recycling is a Dallas based electronics company. An integral aspect of risk management is end stage electronic disposal. Protecting your client files and company information has become a hot issue in the news and legislative circles. AOK destroys all customer data in compliance with HIPAA. AOK exceeds EPA requirements for recycling of electronic components.

Medical Centers, Research Facilities, Accounting Firms and Private Physicians Offices, and more are using the services of AOK Recycling right now. Call to schedule a pick-up or arrange drop-off today.

  • Free deinstallation and removal of end of life equipment
  • Protect Yourself and the Environment
  • Material Recycling exceeds Exceeds EPA Standards
  • Secure Data Destruction in compliance with HIPAA
  • Billing, Inventory and Asset Recovery
  • Certificates of recycling and Secure Data Destruction available
  • Commercial & Residential Services
  • Pick-Up or Drop-Off Services
  • Free pick ups for larger inventory liquidation
  • Zero landfill policy
  • No export policy

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Not all computer recycling
companies are created equal. We’ve had some firms haul our equipment straight to the dump. With AOK, your equipment is recycled appropriately. Guaranteed.

William Bowser Collins



Where I used to work companies always left their old PCs and monitors in the dumpster. It made me ill every time I saw that. Our company has always used AOK Recycling to remove outdated equipment. They are awesome!

Brandy Allen
Physicians Office



I used AOK Recycling to remove all my old PCs and monitors when we moved our offices. AOK completely cleared every hard drive securing my data from getting into the wrong hands. An invaluable service to keep our
small business on target.

Denise Houseberg,