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Household eWaste

What About Obsolete Household Computers?
Are Households Subject to E-Waste Regulations?

According to the EPA, household e-waste is not classified as Hazardous Waste. AOK Computer Recycling remains in awe of the individuals who have stepped forward as responsible stewards of this planet, people who have sought out environmentally correct recycling methods simply out of concern for the planet deserve applause

Because recycling is a part of a typical American household, most homeowners have recognized a need to recycle their computers.

Please see our “How Do You Determine a Hazardous Waste” article under “Protect the Environment.”




Not all computer recycling
companies are created equal. We’ve had some firms haul our equipment straight to the dump. With AOK, your equipment is recycled appropriately. Guaranteed.

William Bowser Collins





Where I used to work companies always left their old PCs and monitors in the dumpster. It made me ill every time I saw that. Our company has always used AOK Recycling to remove outdated equipment. They are awesome!

Brandy Allen
Physicians Office