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Benefits of Recycling

Environmental Benefits

Companies that use recycled materials:

  • Use less energy, water and natural resources
  • Create less solid waste, air and water pollution
  • Reduce the need for mining virgin materials
  • Preserve natural resources
  • Preserve natural landscapes
  • Prevent toxic gas release inherent to metal mining
  • Keep materials out of landfills, incinerators and water supplies

Economic Benefits

Recycling-based community economic development:

  • Reduces manufacturers’ cost of raw materials without loss of quality
  • Reduces materials transportation costs
  • Provides sales revenue and taxable revenue
  • Supports the recycling industry
  • Creates multi-level and multi-skilled jobs
  • Reduces public health costs
  • Reduces public cost of cleaning up toxics produced in mining raw materials and land fill disposal or incineration of e-waste




Not all computer recycling
companies are created equal. We’ve had some firms haul our equipment straight to the dump. With AOK, your equipment is recycled appropriately. Guaranteed.

William Bowser Collins





Where I used to work companies always left their old PCs and monitors in the dumpster. It made me ill every time I saw that. Our company has always used AOK Recycling to remove outdated equipment. They are awesome!

Brandy Allen
Physicians Office